Dubai Shopping Festival & Clothing

Dubai Shopping Festival gives everyone a great chance to find the best deals in the thousands of clothing stores all across the emirate. Let us see the types of clothing which you can see in Dubai and where you can count on great sales and discounts.

Dubai Shopping Festival is held in Dubai every year, between January and February, taking for a whole month. This event is wonderful in its own way being much more, than a simple large shopping spree. During the 4 weeks, visitors can witness great events, shows, performances, exhibitions, street-plays and there are many guest performers too, who can see in the shopping malls, exhibition centres or on the streets of downtown Dubai. This event has become so large, that all hotels came out with their special packages for Dubai Shopping Festival, with millions arriving from every part of the world. Thousands of stores offer discounts during the festival and this includes a great deal of clothing stores. Let us see some of the best clothing stores in Dubai in which we can count on great discounts during the festival.

There are four main sorts of clothing stores, which sell clothing in Dubai:

1. Elite clothes shops: these include the best brands of the world which are being displayed in Dubai the high profile designer labels that are the most expensive in the world. This group mainly includes French and Italian brands. You can find the highest number of designer label stores in the Dubai malls like Mall of the Emirates, the BurJuman Shopping Mall, and the biggest Dubai Mall.

2. Urban clothing stores: these include all the well-known brands that mainly come from Europe or from the United States. The most important brands of urban clothing include United Colours of Benetton, Dorothy Perkins, GAP, Mango, Zara and H&M. The stores of urban clothing located in the big shopping malls generally will serve with discounts for the Dubai Shopping Festival.

3. Local textiles with personal tailoring services: if you go to a textile store but even better in the Dubai Textile Souk that you can find in Deira Dubai, you will see, that all the rich textiles offered here are mostly offered with tailoring services. Most locals have their abaya, burqa and kaftans made this way, by choosing the best textile and having them tailored right there. This is a traditional Arabic way of clothing and you can also try it yourself. You can have great bargains here, which do not really depend on Dubai Shopping Festival. All shopping malls have their stores for Arabic men and women where they can choose the textiles and dresses of their preference.

4. Cheap imported clothing: this includes all the cheap clothing that comes from China, Turkey or Indian in majority. You can get this clothing in Al Rigga and Karama districts and sometimes, you can find some great traditional Indian or Chinese dresses you would not find anywhere else. China clothing is best to look for at Dragonmart.

For Dubai Shopping Festival, most stores serve with some sort of sales, discounts, gifts or specials such as raffles in order to guarantee a raised selling power and lots of content customers. In 2014, Dubai Shopping Festival will be held between January and February. So, to further celebrate New Year with a month, get your wallet and passport ready and do not stop until you get to Dubai to be part of this unforgettable event.