Dubai Shopping Festival & Jewellery

First organized in 1996, by today, the Dubai Shopping Festival has grown out to become a major international event in the world. The hotels offer special packages for the duration of Dubai Shopping Festival, which will be held in 2014 from January 03 to February 03. During this month, shoppers can enjoy great sales at around 2000 stores of Dubai which greatly includes jewellery stores as one of the main organizer of this event is the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, which governs the local gold, diamond and pearl trading activities. Let's take a look what extra sales and discounts you can count on, if you would like to buy jewellery during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

With DMCC being one of the main organizers of this great event, the Dubai Shopping Festival along with Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group that has hundreds of members in Dubai, you know that you can count on several surprises and special discounts for the duration of the festival. In the past few years, the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group has done a lot for the Dubai Shopping Festival with some great promotions, one of which is called the "Bags of Fortune". The "Bags of Fortune" was a special game and all the shoppers who bought jewellery in the stores of the Dubai. Gold and Jewellery Group have automatically earned the right to participate in the raffle, with televised raffle draws held daily in the Downtown Burj Dubai which sorted out 6 shoppers every week, to take home half a kilogram of gold for free. This raffle has earned lots of shoppers and altogether 24 winners, which is a great deal; when you are to win half kilograms of gold next to the jewellery you bought. It is for sure, that the Jewellery Group will come out with something similar this year too.

Another great jewellery brand, which comes out with extra promotions for every Dubai Shopping Festival is Pure Gold Jewellers. Pure Gold jewelers has had some great special promotions last year and the year before, according to which each shopper of gold, pearl or diamond jewellery will get a diamond pendant for free. And you can be sure, that you will experience either special promotions or special discounts for the duration of the Dubai Shopping Festival in 2013 too. Other Dubai jewellery brands that are highly expected to take part or release their own promotions are Joyalukkas Jewellery, Damas Jewellery, Al Zain Jewellery or Atlas Jewellery, being among the biggest brands in Dubai. Of course if you will browse jewellery in the big shopping malls in the downtown, you can not only see some great sales, but also you will become part of this great street festival which today is much more than a cheaper shopping experience. You will see various street performers and special shows held daily in the big Dubai malls, such as Dubai Mall.

One month is a long time, when it comes to shopping jewellery and any different sorts of goods. Therefore, not all the stores may have special promotions for the entire duration of the months, or they may change weekly or daily. Therefore, watch out for the big upper mentioned brands, to be up to date with their daily or weekly specials in terms of jewellery. Dubai Shopping Festival is a great experience and we really recommend you not to miss it.